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5 Expert tips for GMB photos

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Recently, I was a panelist on Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce, Coffee and Conversation, a new program that the Tech Committee launched in Jan 2021. One of our member had a question regarding the importance of uploading photos on Google My Business (GMB).

They are not only important, but they’re also essential to your #GMB success !

#Google reposted that businesses with photos receive 49% more requests for driving directions, and 38% more click-throughs to their website.

And if you really want to compete with other businesses, you will need to be adding relevant engaging pictures, optimizing them, and keeping everything up to date. To help you get there, we gathered 5 tips to stay ahead of the game with your photos on Google My Business.

5 Expert tips for GMB photos

  • Create high quality, engaging photos to make yourself pop

This sounds obvious, but a lot of businesses don’t do it !! Posting pictures of your store interior; 62% of visitors prefer listings with photos of store interiors.

The latest smart phones have great quality camera which you can you to create a thorough #virtual experience of your location, and your street view images,

  • Add images regularly

For businesses that work with InsiderTrendz Inc, we recommend them having a calendar, weekly, monthly or bimonthly. Many people think that once you have added pictures to the GMB listing, it's done. But the opposite is true! Google has an #algorithm that they use to determine which businesses stay at the top of search results, and they always favor the businesses that are updating their #GMB.

  • Optimize your image

A huge component of a successful #local #SEO is optimizing the image information. To achieve this, the images need to be renamed with proper #keywords before they are uploaded on Google. And tags and description also needs to be added to every image that is uploaded.

Another important aspect is #geotagging every photo on GMB, which adds #location to your image with the exact coordinates. This is particularly essential in #GMB because your entire listing is based on location and #GoogleMaps.

  • Review photos uploaded by the Public

A lot of businesses do not know that their customers can also upload images on their GMB profiles. Google does this to make sure that who ever is visiting your page obtains the right information about your business; showing pictures uploaded by you and your customers.

  • Avoid irrelevant photos

This is especially important if Google auto-generated your business before you claimed it. Uploading relevant photos of your establishment and your customer engagement, for example, people working out in your gym; makes it easier for #Google to show your business in the search results.

We understand that these things are easier said than done ! InsiderTrendz helps small to mid - sized businesses brigde their tech marketing gap. Please let us know if you have any questions in #digital #marketing realm, and we at InsiderTrendz Inc will be happy to help your business grow !! #smallbusiness #marketingstrategy #branding #contentmarketing #digitalmarketingtips

Please check out LowerBucks Chamber of Commerce for all the amazing upcoming events !!

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