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How do you measure the impact of #content freshness on your #ranking

Content freshness is one of the factors that search engines use to determine the ranking of web pages. Here are some ways you can measure the impact of content freshness on your ranking:

  1. #GoogleAnalytics: By tracking the changes in traffic to your website over time, you can determine if updating your content has positively impacted your search engine rankings.

  2. Search Console: #SearchConsole provides data on how your website is performing in Google search results. By tracking changes in impressions and clicks over time, you can see if updating your content has impacted your ranking.

  3. Ranking Tools: There are several tools available that allow you to track the ranking of your website over time. By comparing your rankings before and after updating your content, you can see if your search engine ranking has had a positive impact.

  4. User Engagement Metrics: #UserEngagement metrics such as time on site, #bouncerate, and click-through rate can provide insights into whether users are finding your updated content more engaging and relevant.

Overall, tracking the impact of content freshness on your ranking requires a combination of metrics and analysis. It is important to regularly update your content and monitor the impact of these changes on your search engine rankings.

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